Shooting for The M.A Times by Ryan Sides

I'm sure it's very clear that I do the photography for the fashion and travel blog, The M.A. Times but I've actually done photography for a long time and Marianne and I actually had the idea of starting the blog to incorporate my photography with her love of fashion.

The point of this blog isn't to tell you that I shoot for The M.A Times, but rather to share some of my favorite photos from the blog, any portrait or fashion shoots that I do, and also go into detail about how I captured one or more shots.




The post that I'm going to reference first is the shots for the Nordstrom Half Year Sale.

The blog, as I'm sure you're aware, provides us many great opportunities, such as getting to partner with fantastic luxury hotels like The Belmond.  This brought us to Charleston, where we did some photos for the the resort while also getting to gallivant around the city looking for great places to eat as well as photograph outfit posts!

Unlike the last time we were in Charleston and it was incredibly hot, this time was very temperate and we were able to explore a little bit more than usual. While walking to a reservation at Poogin's Porch, we found an alley way that was hidden from the sun all while having nearly zero foot traffic.

Originally, it can was very "challenging" to agree on a certain pose style of shot as my personal style is very edgy, dark and editorial like but over time we came eventually got on the same page by meeting somewhere in the middle.

Charleston is a very clean and scenic city (so much so that GMG moved here), and this provides us a number of of different background styles to be able to shoot on and for this particular post, we shot EVERYWHERE. Basically, the shoot was a walking tour of Charleston's French Quarters.

The shot below started by recognizing an opportunity to shoot down a street (one of my favorite things to do) but also get the bokeh from the lights lining the street and if I used a prime lens with a wide aperture that forced me to shoot from further back (I ended up going with 85mm f1.4) then I would be able to isolate the foreground from the background. We first tried a few walking shots but as the sun settled, it was hard to capture without having to use a high ISO so we decided on a standing shot. Marianne is very much a happy go lucky girl and she loves to smile in photos, which I really do like to shoot, but I always love the drama that is added by not smiling and though I shoot those often, they only occasionally make the blog, but this one did and I really like it.

There won't be a rule to how I do these posts. Some will be a specific shot, some might be the entire post but I do encourage you to always check out news posts and shoots every few days at The M.A. Times, as well to come back here to see how they happened!