Ryan Sides grew up in a struggling family in rural North Carolina. With few material possessions to entertain his curious mind, Ryan developed a deep appreciation for the surrounding natural world; opting for the forest over playgrounds and encyclopedias over story books.

For his sixth birthday, Ryan received a FujiFilm 35mm film camera from his mother and having been born needing corrective vision, it was through the lens of a camera that Ryan first truly saw the beauty and intricacies of the world he had grown to appreciate. It wasn't until age 13 that Ryan discovered that he needed corrective vision.

Ryan graduated from North Carolina State University with a BSc in Biology and a Minor in Film Studies and now lives in Raleigh, NC. Ryan has a passion for capturing the beauty of fashion, travel, people, nature and everyday life with a focus on natural movements and candidness.

He now shoots for his fiance Marianne's fashion & travel blog (The M.A. Times).